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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Where am I? On an Tropical Island

Why, out of everywhere in the world, was I born here? I used to resent it, being someone who has always been into arts and more that isn't at its peak here. But it's not so bad. Actually, quite good in some aspects. So, for as long as I'm around, I'll enjoy it however I can. And as long as I can connect to the internet and there are ways to transfer and import stuff, I'm not completely cut off and handicapped. Phew! (Just lagging behind until I'm not...)

It even makes me wonder if people whose income isn't tied to their location have considered moving here (or somewhere similar) to save on real estate and more that is less costly. But adjusting to different cultures and such can be challenging and maybe even scary. And if you're used to large and dense cities full of luxury, you might find this place severely lacking. However, if your dream is to live in a beautiful home by the sea, undisturbed, check out Casa de Campo in La Romana and other residential zones in SamanĂ¡. Or just a decent space in a pleasant neighborhood in Santo Domingo could be within your means and improve your quality of life.

In any case, for the time being, this is where I am; on a tropical island in the Caribbean, called the Dominican Republic. I've wanted to tour it and share more about it, so I will be doing that over time. And although my art isn't limited to this area or even particularly inspired by it, I can't deny its influence on me, who I am, and what I do. Plus, going out, looking around, and taking in my surroundings are part of what keeps me sane.