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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Needless Suffering is Needless

I had a tough past, and my present isn’t exactly all rainbows and sunshine either. I don’t bring it up often because I don’t want my work to revolve around that. Not because I’m hiding it and pretending otherwise. And I know that there are people who have it waaay worse so I can count myself fortunate. But sometimes it is as though others assume I’ve been having it easy and make it harder for me. Or there are just too many inconsiderate people around that would not give a damn regardless. I really wish people would stop getting in the way, for no good reason, of those who are helping themselves or even others. And even if someone’s having it easy, how justified is it really to disrupt that? It’s like people are miserable and wish others would be too. For me, personally, I’ve been working towards having a life I can enjoy and be content with. It allows me to be a better version of myself. And apparently, that’s an insult to those who neglect their well-being for the sake of slaving or hustling away (or for whatever misery they subject themselves to). Meanwhile, I wish we could all relax (at least a little) and do meaningful work that fulfills us.