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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Go and Be where You're Loved

Some may say or assume that going and being where you're loved is a conceited thing to do, that you're just looking to stroke your ego and make it bigger, but I promise you that going and being where you're loved will make you a better person than haters (overt or covert) ever will. Because love (the true kind) isn't about boot licking and butt kissing, it won't be a praiser of traits and an enabler of behaviors that you're better off without. Nor will it, if it can be helped, pass on trauma and try to disguise it as "tough love". And it won't necessarily make you passive, either. Because while you might no longer be motivated by the vices that you are while in a hostile and combative environment, you can still be motivated by virtues that will take you further and higher. And you'll sleep better.

Deal with haters when you must in your endeavors, but worry not about allowing love in your life.