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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

It Has Also Helped and/or Is Currently Helping me…

Now, for credit where credit is due.

You can tell that I’m not new at being online and dealing with online people and events (been around since mIRC days and in and out of various platforms). What I’m new at is at last having something to fully and gladly commit to for the long run and adopting video and audio for my media.

Directly and indirectly, however, some have helped the ride…

On Tumblr
Formerly known as the Hellsite, where some of the most brilliant people and some of the densest people are combined and have takes on culture and more while being unhinged. For a while, I despised the place. Though, lately, I keep fond memories.

Then, going into other platforms (like Instagram, TikTok, etc.), I feel like a Tumblr ambassador. “Oh, you’re obsessed with views and follows, who has them and getting them, no matter the cost? Understandable but unrelatable." Sorry, not sorry. And often, when I happen to do or say something reasonable, or considerate, or spirited, or even humorous, that can be traced back to it, I recognize all over again how enriching folks there have been.

Many of us are fatigued or busying ourselves with something other than internet discourse these days. But I still get nostalgic over the old days when we all actively exchanged and discussed various topics. If they ever wish to return to regular posting and come out of anonymous and/or low-key blogging, I’ll be happy to welcome them! Whether I have 20 followers or over a million. (Just shamelessly hit me up, whenever ready, and I’ll include you and properly introduce you.)

That advocate for the neurodivergent and disabled that has been with me since the very beginning, showing compassion where others wouldn’t. That witty and clever “anomalie” that feistily fought incoherences and got on the nerves of others. That super practical and blunt woman who had my back before she could even get me and that also happens to be hilarious with crass memes and more. That history & philosophy person that at first I couldn’t stand but then became the reason I have a strong backbone and can go against the odds. That environment & philosophy person that also led me to being able to speak up more against any mistreatment or disrespect. That neuroscience & sociology blog that’s still going, being informative and sober, at times sisterly with both soft and tough love. That psychology blog I read weekly for thorough and accurate insights that preserved my sanity. And that classic nerd that, in my opinion, is not so typical and is one of the most generous humans I’ve ever met. Y’all are treasured!

On YouTube
Believe it or not, I’ve been wishing to make content for YouTube for over a decade now, since I was in university studying advertising and saw it as a fun way to practice creativity and more. But knowing it would be very consuming (especially for me, having a tendency to hyperfixate), I kept putting it off until I couldn’t anymore. I may not be as enthusiastic about it as I once was, and things have changed, but I still look forward to it and everything it will lead (or even force) me to practice!

Making Content
Think Media
Sean Cannell and the Think Media team have been more helpful than I could have ever expected! I watched a ton of their videos and, although eventually stopped watching them all, continued to follow his posts on other sites. I believe he lifted my spirit more than he would imagine by being constantly encouraging and by simply being the genuinely kind person that he is. I haven’t and can’t apply all his advice and tips, so if I’m not growing, that’s on me. But I keep in mind and at heart those that are applicable to what I am trying to do.

Roberto Blake
Roberto Blake was and continues to be one of my top favorite educators there. Partly for how no-nonsense he is. And partly for how much he stands up for others despite insisting that “nobody is coming to rescue you”. I don’t know if he hasn’t noticed that he’s doing plenty of rescuing in his own way. Also, we share similar backgrounds as web designers and that drew me in to watch many of his videos too. I enjoy the Lives the most, though have missed them lately.

Sorelle Amore
Coming across Sorelle Amore was such a relief! The fact that she is both in touch with the spiritual and with the material makes her such a rare find in my view. How she seeks, embodies, and celebrates freedom on different levels as a woman is something I resonate with and find affirmation in. I cannot work a 9-5 to save my life. Call me lazy, undisciplined, or whatever. I have my reasons. It kills me. So it’s great that she provides resources for those looking to have their finances in order without necessarily going down the conventional route.

Matti Haapoja & Teppo Haapoja
Matti Haapoja and his brother were the first YouTubers I started consistently watching while trying to learn about YouTube. I eventually fell off, since it’s not like I can keep up with fancy photo and video production just yet anyway, but their enthusiasm was contagious and basically kickstarted me on this trip.

Peter Mckinnon
Peter Mckinnon’s art is so impressive that I’m almost envious. Almost. Okay, maybe I am a little (but that only means I neglected living more artistically and resent it). Still, seeing him so into it brought back magic into my life that I had lost over the years, dealing with the crude day-to-day stuff. Childlike wonder and all that. He's also often promoting other photographers to help them gain exposure and, although I'm not one, I'm glad there are still people doing this because that's how I roll too, whenever I have enough traffic.

Chris Hau & Lizzie Peirce
From the same group of friends, I wandered into their channels. Again, eventually fell off as I won’t be doing any fancy production (just my phone for now). Loved their vibes and personalities, though, and it was super interesting to see how they went about some of their projects. Plenty of valuable tips and ideas, too.

The Greats
Hard to miss. It seemed like, at one point or another, somebody would casually mention him as exemplary. MKBHD this, MKBHD that. Eventually, I gave in and checked out his channel. Then I learned more about how he came to be. I really appreciated how he stuck to what he enjoyed and had relatively slow yet sure growth. I admire that kind of devotion and perseverance. Some of the advice he gave really fit with me, too. The making things I would want to watch, especially. Which naturally moves me and is primarily what I’m trying to do, given that it would both please me and those with similar taste and interests. Yet, I’m still far from meeting my own standards. Getting there, though!

Definitely not even fantasizing about ever matching him, but he’s another one I kept hearing about and eventually checked out. He gives us mere mortals newbie advice, too. Quite frankly, even. And is on a mission to better the world. Not without controversy surrounding him. But despite whatever is in his heart, I root for him to continue with his good deeds.

Science and Culture
John Green & Hank Green
When the topics of Shorts and Revenue Sharing came up, I came across posts by Hank Green and remembered again how much I like Crash Course (and similar) and how many times it spared me from research headaches. A couple of John Green stories also happened to come out during times in my life when I deeply needed them. How thoughtful, sincere, and charitable these brothers are keeps the faith in humanity up.

Comedy (& cause)
Emo’s Not Dead
I actually first came across a video of this channel on Tumblr! It was so freakin’ amusing that I lost count of how many people I shared it to. As a former emo kid myself, yet unable to take myself too seriously, this brand of humor is medicine to me. Matt Cutshall and Arielle Vandenberg are such a phenomenal duo! Furthermore, the fact that they’re unironically bringing back Emo makes me feel less alone. No kidding.

Other Sites
Amazon and I go a long way back. But I’ll be relying on it more than ever now. What started with occasionally purchasing computer parts and accessories, to then continue with books on topics of interest, now becomes one of the main ways to completely turn my life around and at last curate the lifestyle that gives me the most peace and joy! Shopping on amazon isn’t only convenient in my case, being on a small island, it opens up many possibilities for me. It means so much and I could wax poetic about it. Some of the boxes I got but haven’t yet opened are sure to make me emotional when I do. And that’s just the shopping. Amazon is heaven-sent for people like me in other ways too. Besides helping me save time, energy, and money, it provides extra sources of income. I haven’t yet taken advantage of any of those, but they align with things I can and want to do. So, likely, in the not-so-far future, I’ll give them a try as side hustles to keep me afloat while I continue to work on my projects. Do people even realize what a lifesaver Amazon is to many of us? I heard a lot of negative things about Jeff Bezos when he became the wealthiest man in the world, but thank goodness he made Amazon and facilitated so much for small businesses and people in general.

I happened to be active on Twitter when Elon Musk decided to buy it. And sort of kept up with the ordeal. Been suspicious and skeptical of his motives and intentions since day one. But, hey, he’s gotten so far already, would he really let himself go down in history as the bad guy? That’d make no sense and would be such a waste. So I’m not too concerned. It would seem that he is indeed open to discussing matters and issues, serving truth, and can be held accountable in that regard. I’m not sure exactly why he chose to deal with that mess, but someone’s gotta do it - and he’s powerful enough for the job. “Political correctness” did get too far, in my opinion, and was becoming asphyxiating and sickening. I, too, care for freedom of speech. Freedom of thought and freedom of expression included. So him fighting for that benefits me as well. Also, just being his weird self gives people breathing room. Furthermore, in the process, I noticed the doge account he usually interacts with. That Shibetoshi Nakamoto is delightful! Elon Musk is fortunate to have him around. Quite conscientious yet pretty laid-back. More ease throughout it all.

Last, but not least, Unity, precious, I can’t wait to build worlds and universes with you. For many, many, many years to come. And what a wonderful and solidary community you have! Makes me feel at home. I still mourn and miss Flash days, but I’m ready for designing and developing more elaborate and sophisticated games and apps. Thank you for accommodating newbies along with more advanced users.

And this is basically what is at the foundation of where I’m heading. There is more to include but this was particularly prominent for me. The list, however, will grow with time…