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Would you like to contribute to TintySun? If so, that’s deeply appreciated! No matter how small your contribution, it will be significant and make a difference!

Some of the ways in which you can contribute are the following:

Promote TintySun
Do you have an audience? Do you know people that might be interested in what I do? Please spread the word about me! You can point them to my main site,, and/or share posts.

Send TintySun Feedback
Tell me what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see more of! I'm happy to improve and will do my best to take constructive criticism maturely. Furthermore, knowing what has been or could be worthwhile to you can make my day, week, or month, and fill me with inspiration and motivation to keep going.

Submit your Input to TintySun
Got something to add to my content? Corrections, clarifications, and elaborations are more than welcome. Drop them with links to the content you're referring to so that I can more easily tell what you're talking about. If you'd rather your input is not published here as it was submitted, let me know and it won't. Otherwise, I'm likely to quote and credit you for it on my site. In any case, however, I'm grateful for it!

Commission TintySun
Do you see any works here that suit you and that you would want to use or have your own version of? Do you have ideas that I might be able to help you with? Consider hiring me for the job! You can email me at and we will discuss the details.

Tip or Donate to TintySun
Do you enjoy and benefit from my content and would like to give back and/or offer support so that I can continue doing what I do and more? Tip or donate! Here’s my PayPal account:

Monetary earnings via contributions will be invested in covering basic needs, acquiring new and better supplies, and buying myself free time to keep working on and as TintySun.

Thank you in advance!