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Sunday, January 21, 2024

2024's Calendar

Here is my calendar. Above is what will persist throughout the years (in and out of my hands). Though I may eventually add more traditions to it to follow every year. Below are further additions to the months, specific to the current year, to keep track of or keep in mind. I will be adding more events as they come up. I intend to do my best to stick to it, but please forgive me if at any point I fail to do so! Life, after all, is unpredictable (and God laughs at our plans).

 Winter is Here.
 New Year.
 Entering Aquarius Alignment.
(Making preparations and getting ready.)
 On Netflix: Leave The World Behind. 🍿 
On Netflix: Sweet Home. 🍿 

 Winter Continues.
 Valentine's Day.
 Entering Pisces Alignment.
(Medical appointments, spa days, etc.)

 Spring is Coming.
 Entering Aries Alignment.
 Beginning of New Cycle.
(This is when "classes" really start.)

 Spring is Here.
 Entering Taurus Alignment.

 Spring Continues.
 Entering Gemini Alignment.

 Summer is Coming.
 Entering Cancer Alignment.

 Summer is Here.
 Entering Leo Alignment.

 Summer Continues.
 Entering Virgo Alignment.

 Autumn is Coming.
 Entering Libra Alignment.

 Autumn is Here.
 Entering Scorpio Alignment.

 Autumn Continues.
 Entering Sagittarius Alignment.
 Cultural Progress.
(Wrap on how culture seems to be doing at this point.)

  Birthday Month!   🎈
 Winter is Coming.
 Entering Capricorn Alignment.
 Rest, Recap & Resolutions.
(Well-earned break, letting go of the current year & looking forward to the next one.)