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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thankful for All of You!

I pondered whether or not I should be giving a full-blown thankful speech this year, considering that I’m not quite yet at a point where I can sit back and rejoice about my progress, but I do have much to be thankful for already and I’d be glad to have gratefulness at the base of what will be a period of many personal and artistic accomplishments.

Those who’ve known me for years are familiar with my “Exploring & Experimenting” era. Where I got to unlearn, learn and relearn plenty about myself and life in general. And those who’ve known me from even earlier are familiar with my “Workaholic to the point of Burnout and Collapse” era. Where I was single-minded to a fault in order to get myself out of survival mode. Those finding me recently are in for the “Unbridling & Sustaining Artistic Abilities” era. Where I integrate the lessons and aptitudes gained from the previous eras into a long-term project I am deeply aligned with. And I’m thankful for that!

It has been hard and difficult for me to get to this point, due to a number of factors. But I have others to thank, who have made it significantly smoother and easier…

I have a “behind-the-scenes support network” composed of incredibly good and great people that have been helping me tremendously. I might formally introduce some of them in the future. But for now, know that their kindness and brilliance are behind anything valuable and virtuous in me and I’m infinitely thankful to have them in my life! šŸ˜­ 

More specifically, I’m also especially thankful for:
• The opportunity to live an authentic and fulfilling life.
• Family and friends that care and show that they do in their own ways.
• Dogs, cats, & other animals that bring much protection, comfort, joy, and/or amusement.
• Acquaintances and strangers that offer a hand, out of genuine concern, when you’re struggling.
• People working on themselves so that we all can break out of toxic and destructive habits, patterns, and cycles.
• Works that are there for you and reach you where and when no one else can or has.
• All the products and services available nowadays that make the ‘impossible’ possible.
• The many contributions, of different types, I’ve received so far despite everything!

I’m really and truly thankful for all of you! šŸ’›