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Sunday, September 4, 2022

TintySun’s Essence & Structure

Before getting into the several topics I intend to be covering, it’s useful to have an overview of where we’re going - to grasp the essence & structure that makes up this long-term learning of Unbridling & Sustaining Artistic Abilities (which is what I’m devoting to here).

As some of you may already know, I spent most years of my life exploring and experimenting with different things, trying to find what my true thing really is. At times, it was deeply concerning to me that the search seemed endless. I worried that there wasn’t a thing I could stick to. But it turns out that there is and that I’ve been sticking to it my whole life - it just happened to be more abstract than concrete so it wasn’t as obvious. I now have absolutely no doubt that this is what I’m meant for and it all fits perfectly for me. Inevitably so, I am always looking for ways to keep artistic abilities thriving and I have run into numerous obstacles I’ve had to overcome.

I’ll point out, however, that although there is much that I already know too well, there is also much that I am still in the process of thoroughly learning. Therefore, this is a journey in which we all will be growing in this regard as I help myself and help others. And I’m totally looking forward to it!

The Sun is my main symbol and second to it is The Spiral. They signify illumination and evolution, respectively. Joining me requires letting go of illusions and preconceptions to be open to life and what it brings. It is not a cult, but it is something you can commit to as much as I have. And perhaps you’re a natural at it or are already in a state where this will flow smoothly for you. But even if you aren’t, if it’s still something that you genuinely long for, you can try and do your best. Breaking out of personal limitations can be challenging and that’s an understatement - but it’s not impossible (speaking from experience).

I’ve broken down this undertaking into 8 fundamental categories (as represented by the points around the sun) with subcategories under each. I debated keeping them to myself and revealing them over time, so as to not cause panic or impatience by getting ahead of ourselves, but I’ll let you in on it beforehand and leave it to you to take it as you will. Personally, for me, it is an invitation to prepare for what’s coming. And it can somewhat be considered the program’s curriculum, too.

The categories pertaining to Unbridling & Sustaining Artistic Abilities are the following:

Trajectory, Behind-The-Scenes, Work in Progress, Reactions…
Therapy, Nutrition, Fitness, Hygiene, Rest…
Security, Budgeting, Productivity, Behavior…
Self, People, Life, The World, The Universe…
Singing, Dancing, Acting, Appearance…
Fuel, Endeavor, Influence…
Writing, Sketching, Design, Composition, Refinement…
Recreation, Tools, Materials, Remedies…

I will be making content for all of them, jumping from one to another, often making series to fully cover topics, but all ultimately serving the same purpose. Again, though, everything will come in its own time. And if you prefer, you can ignore this system and simply focus on the overarching mission.

Regardless, for the sake of organization, my content will be tagged and color-coded accordingly. You will be able to browse and search it via these categories and subcategories or via titles, thumbnails, and keywords. This site and the collections on adjacent sites will reflect this.

As for what's for beginner, intermediate, or advanced learning, we'll see. But despite where you are on these levels, I might still recommend revisiting some of the basics and being exposed to the more complex stuff.

It'll be a long ride... 📚🤓🎨